Day 18...

Something you crave a lot...

Playing this fine game. I miss it. So much.

I haven't played for so long. I mean, too long.
I used to play just about everyday of my life. I started when I was 4 or 5 and played until through my first year of college.
I played on countless team with some amazingly talented girls (and even a few boys teams), pretty much year round.

Anyone who knew me in Ohio (where I grew up), knew I loved soccer. I played it whenever I could, and I was good.

The last official school team I played for was Weber State and after my freshman year. Deciding to stop playing was honestly one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I cried and cried. I stopped playing because I did not agree with the coach's style, ethics or the way the program was run overall. I was among 9 girls that quit that year. It was hard and I miss it.

I play as much as I can now, but since having Chubbs I haven't played since I was about 3 months pregnant with him. I crave soccer. I love it. It is a huge part of who I am, and I need to get some more of me back.

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