Happy Happy Birthday David Dear...

My little brother turned the big 2-2 on Saturday. Wow. I can't believe it. 
It has been so great to have him out here in Utah for the time being.

Happy Birthday Bud, I love ya!!

We got a large group of women/girls to help us sing Happy Birthday to David when him (and his super cute gf) walked in the Food Court.

 Thanks to all of those cute girls & women and the other random food court occupants who helped us sing! (totally spaced it on having my camera ready to take some better pics and video...sorry!)

Then we went to eat at CPK.
 He is too dang cute.
 I made a cake real quick on Sunday night for David, and I walked in and he was getting ready to frost it. I found him as he was putting red icing dye in the frosting...
Me: What are you doing?
David: Making me red frosting for my cake.
Me: Just so you know it's going to turn out pink, not red.
David: Are you serious?
Me: Yup. You can make it red, but you have to use a ton of dye and it tastes gross.
David: Oh well. Pink works. 
Happy 22nd Birthday David!!
One of my favorite years of my life...hope yours is as well.

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