Dance Comporation...

Last night I made dinner and then felt like dancing. 
I turned to Munchkin, "Do you want to have a dance party?"
His eyes lit up..."When?!"
"Right now."

And so we did. It was fun. I turned on an iPod and Chubbs sat in his colorful toy seat thing (I'm sure it has an official name), and was utterly entertained by us as we shook our little selves in the kitchen.

Then Munchkin turns to me..."Mom. We should have a dance comporation."
"Oh yeah. That sounds fun. What is it?"
"I dance for a song, then you dance for a song."
Me - "Ok. Let's do that. I don't know if I can dance for a whole song though. That is a pretty long time."
Munchkin - "Oh that is ok. If you stop I can teach you some of my dance moves." 

Nice. I was then taught how to break dance by my now five year old. 

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