Day 26...

A photo of somewhere you’ve been.

I mentioned before that I was a driver guide in Alaska.
In good old Skagway.
Made some great friends.
Had a great experience, but I would never do it again.

Skagway, AK
4 blocks by 23 blocks
I drove a bus like this
And sometimes this...

And a few times this...

the main street in Skagway

Summit Lake

View from the Train
And did I ever mention I got fat in Alaska. Well, yeah, I did. Awesome. Here I am about 175 pounds. Ugh. I hate these pictures, but I keep them around to remind me to never get that big again.

Then I lost over 50 pounds
and I felt so much better.

I watched what I ate and I exercised more. The only real diet that works.
Fad's don't work and they don't last. If it is easy or too good to be true, it is.
Don't waste your money or time. Get your butt to the gym.

Watch Biggest Loser if you don't believe me...

Guess who I am rooting for this season?
Rulon Gardner


Jake said...

Autumn again, not Jake...Jill and I wanted to do Alaska one summer but didn't. Looks fun to me. I'm so hooked on Biggest Loser this season, I can't believe it.

mackenzie said...

it was fun for the most part. Def something I would do with a friend or a husband next time around. I love this season too of BL. It's nice to have a group that is there to lose weight not to win. Hopefully that doesn't change towards the end of the show.