Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

- Going to a completely empty bathroom except the girl breast pumping on the couch in the bathroom. It gets really quiet, then she calls her mom and talks to her in Spanish (where is my spanish speaking sister when I need her?), and I'm sure it was about that encounter.
- Having a nice indent in my hair from taking off the stretchy headband I wore. 
- Getting a "Nice boo_s" from a guy walking by me. I sure hope that letter I couldn't understand was a T...
- When people talk about how much money they or don't have (i'm the latter)
- Seeing someone you know in the car next to you, waving and saying hi. Then passing them again...and again...and again (do I keep waving? ignore them? I'm not sure what the etiquette is on this)
- Grown women in pigtails
-  Getting yelled at for trying to steal the basketball during a church tournament game

- Wearing my rainboots and getting to splash in some puddles 
- Ponytails
- Seeing Picaboo Street at work
- Birthdays. Esp for five years olds. 
- Beating said team by a lot in church basketball game
- Scoring free food at work
- My hot-chocolate-makin'-machine. Thank you to whomever gifted us this for a wedding present.
- Chubbs sleeping through the night (this has been happening for several months now, but it's still awesome)


Awkward and Awesome
- Accidentally buying a pink razor scooter for my Munchkin. The picture on the box totally looks like it was of a red one. He thought it was funny, but still wanted the red one  

(stolen from The Daybook


Carrie said...

Pretty sure I just laughed out loud...for real. I love you! You are awesome...not awkward :) If you drive up next to me lots of times you can just keep on waving if you want...or ignore me...either way it's cool...as long as you wave at least once we're good! And I totally AGREE on the adult women pigtail crap...it pisses me off.

Annalee said...

The car thing IS so awkward!! According to my mom, you constantly wave and smile and add the giggle. At least that's what she does...but if it were me depending on who it is....I may just try to get in front of them. Ha ha I'm rude. P.S. You're so pretty

Kathleen said...

Ooh, I kept running into my friend's husband at WalMart last month... we passed each other on every aisle!! It was awkward, so I went to the other side of the store and got what I needed there for a little bit! I hope that isn't totally rude... but whatever!