Birthday Day...

We celebrated Muchkin's Birthday, on the Saturday before his actual Birthday. It was "Birthday Day". 
On Birthday Day, Munchkin is the king. He gets to do just about whatever he wants (within reason of course). 

We were leaving my basketball game Saturday afternoon to go home and get ready for his party. He wanted to climb over Chubbs seat into his and Hubster didn't want him too. I let him, because it was Birthday Day! 
"It's Birthday Day Dad, he can climb over the seat."
(side note: I don't believe in overruling Hubster unless a discussion first ensues. Then I overrule him...kidding.)
Munckin got a big smile on his face, "Yeah, it's Birthday Day", and climbed on over the seat to his. 

A few times throughout the day this happened, and we let him have his way without much discussion. Then he was getting in the shower and Hubster was about to wash his hair when I overhear this conversation from the bathroom:
Munchkin - "But Dad, I don't want to wash my hair!"
Hubster - "You have to wash your hair. You were running around sweating today"
M - "No. I don't want to"
H - "Too bad. If you want to go to your party you need to wash your hair."
M - "But Dad..."
H - "Munchkin. I'm sorry. You have to wash your hair."
M - "But Dad..."
H - "You have to wash your hair."

I start laughing and so does Hubster even though he was frustrated. Since I had deemed the day as this, I figured it was my fault that he was using this is an excuse. I went into the bathroom and told him that he got to choose some things he wanted to do on his birthday, but he had to wash his hair. 
Dejected and knowing he wasn't getting out of it, he muttered a small "ok". 
I made a cake. Or a attempted to make one. 
I let Munchkin choose what he wants to do for his birthday. 

Do you want a party with friends or family?
What do you want to want to do for your birthday?
Go to Boondocks.
What kind of cake do you want?
Umm...a lego cake.

So that is what we did...

 5 years old. I told him to hold up the #5...he was double excited, so you get ten. And I made that shirt using freezer paper. Super easy!
 Love this picture...

 Munchkin wasn't too excited about the quick photoshoot until I told him he could makes faces and jump.

And can't forget Chubbs

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Such cute pictures. Course you have very cute subjects.